Saturday, March 8, 2008

Parking Tix in the News - Update

In reverse chronological order:

Mar. 5, 2008, NY1 News:
"Your S.I. News Now: New Fine for Unattended Cars Combats S.I. Auto Theft"
by Bree Driscoll

PTF: "WTF is this BS? Instead of catching the car thieves, the NYPD has decided to go after the drivers. A bogus $35 ticket for an unattended vehicle with the key in the ignition. Blame the victim? Has the world gone upside-down? I'm I crazy? Here's my message the Mayor Mike and his mob enforcers: 'Fight car theft, go after the car thieves. DO NOT go after the drivers!'"

Mar. 8, 2008, NY Times:
"Traffic Plan Needs Votes on Council, Survey Finds"
by Ray Rivera

PTF: "Recession + Congestion Tax = Insanity. You can't squeeze water out of a rock."

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