Thursday, March 13, 2008

Congestion Tax in the News - Update

Not really an update, more like background info. For those who have not been following the news about Mayor Mike's congestion tax plan. Again, in reverse chronological order:

May 29, 2007, Streetsblog:
"How Many New Yorkers Actually Commute to the CBD?"
by Aaron Naparstek

PTF: "Aaron N. makes a very good point. The majority of NYC residents do not commute by car into the CBD (Central Business District, Manhattan south of 60th St.). However, it is the majority of NYC residents who will have to suffer the side effects of Mayor Mike's congestion tax plan. Which are businesses forced to close or to move outside the CBD. More pollution and congestion in the outer boroughs. More crowded buses and trains. And criminals stealing car plates and cloning (i.e., making fake plates) plate numbers."

June 7, 2007, Streetsblog:
"Spitzer Backs Congestion Pricing"
by Aaron Naparstek

PTF: "Yes, I know Spitzer isn't the governor any more. Wanted to provide more background info for those who are just learning about Mayor Mike's congestion tax plan."

June 21, 2007, NY Sun:
"Spitzer Presses Silver on Congestion Study"
by Annie Karni, Staff Reporter of the Sun

PTF: "More background info about Mayor Mike's past efforts to get his congestion tax plan through Albany."

July 19, 2007, NY Daily News:
"Congest Fight U-Turn"
by Michael Saul & Joe Mahoney

PTF: "Now that Ex-Gov. Spitzer has finally resigned. Our law-makers can get back to work. But don't think that just because Spitzer is no more. That Mayor Mike's congestion tax plan is dead. Because you'd be dead wrong. While the congestion tax plan is likely to die from lack of votes, it's not dead yet. Mayor Mike has the money and influence to squeeze it through somehow. I will give him his due. He's a fighter. He doesn't quit. You don't become a billionaire by being a quitter."

July 26, 2007, NY State Government:
"Statement of Governor Spitzer on Congestion Pricing"
by [Ex-] Governor Spitzer

PTF: "A millionaire like Spitzer who regularly pays for $1,000 per hour prostitutes. Of course, can't understand how much of a burden an additional $2,000 per year in congestion taxes would be for a working-class family. Or a billionaire like Mayor Mike. Of course, I'm not implying that Mayor Mike pays for high-class prostitutes like Ex-Gov. Spitzer. Just that both are obviously on crack if they think that trying to squeeze an extra $2,000 per working-class family makes sense."

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