Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parking Tix in the News - Update

In reverse chronological order:

Mar. 24, 2008, NY Daily News:
"City to Curb Abuse of Parking Placards"
by Josh Max

PTF: "Right now just a lot of talk, talk, talk. When the heck are they actually going to reduce the fakes and the unnecessary?"

Feb. 3, 2008, NY Post:
"NYPD Daily Blotter"
by Erika Martinez & Tatiana Deligiannakis

Excerpt: Manhattan
Two NYPD traffic-enforcement agents were arrested for writing bogus tickets, cops said yesterday.
Mohammad Islam and Mohammad Saleh were charged with forgery, official misconduct, falsifying business records and offering a false instrument for filing."

PTF: "Just the tip of the trash pile. Ultimately, Mayor Mike's to blame. He's created a work environment where the cops, traffic agents, and the hearing judges feel free to commit fraud. In order to scam drivers in NYC for more than $500 million every year."

Nov. 7, 2006, Streetsblog.org:
"Two Doubleparked Traffic Agents, Sunnyside Up"
by Glenn McAnanama

PTF: "This is one of the many reasons why New Yorkers hate traffic agents. They only enforce parking rules (when not issuing fake tickets). They, apparently, do not have to obey parking rules themselves. Makes me want to scream, 'Bloody murder!'"

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