Friday, March 21, 2008

Congestion Tax in the News - Update

In reverse chronological order:

Mar. 21, 2008, NY Post:
"But What's Mike Really Think?"
Complete Article: "That is one of the stupider things I've ever heard. Are you kidding? It's insanity." - Mayor Bloomberg, reacting to a claim by Rep. Anthony Weiner(D-Bklyn.), a 2009 mayoral candidate, that congestion pricing could lead to reduced federal transportation aid for the city.

PTF: "Mayor Mike you're the one who's insane. Rep. Weiner is the sane one. That's exactly what the Feds want to do. The Febs are sick and tired of having to hand out Fed transportation aid to each and every DOT in America. Instead, the Febs want each and every DOT to generate their own transportation funds. Congestion tax = huge savings for the Federal government."

Mar. 20, 2008, NY Post:
"Mike Pitches Congestion Pricing to New Governor"
by Patrick Gallahue and David Seifman

PTF: "New Gov. Paterson is on the fence. Which is good. Means he can be influenced. He hasn't made any decisions for or against. Please, don't delay. Write, call, e-mail Gov. Paterson today. Urge him to dump Mayor Mike's congestion tax.

Go to his "Contact The Governor" webpage at

Do all three, call, e-mail, write a letter. 'Say, 'NO!' to Mayor Mike's congestion tax.' The deadline is March 31, 2008. There's still time. So, don't waste it."

Mar. 16, 2008, NY Post:
"'Congest' Plan Hits Another Pothole"
by David Seifman

PTF: "Former Gov. Spitzer was for Mayor Mike's congestion tax. Our new Gov. Paterson is 'noncommittal' which means that the congest tax is a long shot but not dead. So, don't sit on your ass thinking you don't have to anything. The problem will just go away. Mayor Mike's got the money and the influence and the will to make it happen. He's not going to give up. He's going to give it his all. Until the Fed's deadline of March 31, 2008."

Mar. 14, 2008, NY Post:
"'Conge$t' Bid Takes Us for Ride: Poll"
by Patrick Gallahue

PTF: "You'd have to be an idiot to believe that most or all of the money generated by Mayor Mike's congest tax would actually go towards improving bus and train service. I'm sure some of the revenue would. But politicians love to put revenue into the general fund. Which means they're free to spend the general fund as they see fit. They don't want to be forced to spend it on specific items. They can't be trusted."

Mar. 4, 2008, NY Post:
"Congestion Move vs. NJ"
by Patrick Gallahue

PTF: "So, I'm not the only New York resident who doesn't like those strange NJ people. Stick it to NJ. Coming into our city. Breathing our NYC air for free. Stealing our NYC parking spaces. Stealing jobs from NYC residents. Get a job in your own state! Damn it! Of course, I'm just joking. Actually, not really."

Feb. 28, 2008, NY Post:
"Assembly Cool to Conge$tion"
by Kenneth Lovett

PTF: "The New York State Assembly is not hot for Mayor Mike's congestion tax. Which is good. But don't declare, 'War Won' yet."

Feb. 26, 2008, NY Post:
"'Congest' Plan Gets 500G Ads"
by by Patrick Gallahue

PTF: "These pro-congest ads claim the congest revenue will be spent on mass transit. However, I would argue that the revenues will end up in the general fund. Maybe not right away, but eventually it will. Do you think all the revenue from our water bills go to maintain all those old pipes?"

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