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Conge$t Tax in the News - Update

In no particular order whatsoever, it's easier this way for me.

April 3, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Assembly Democrats Haggle Over Congestion Pricing Plan"
by Elizabeth Benjamin, Adam Lisberg, and Celeste Katz, Daily News Staff Writers

April 3, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Under Plan, N.Y. Drivers Entering Manhattan on Bridges Would Also Pay"
by Adam Lisberg, Daily News City Hall Bureau

April 2 , 2008, NY Times:
"City Plans to Raise Hudson River Tolls Draws Corzine's Fire"
by David W. Chen and Ken Belson

PTF: "Even Gov. Corzine thinks Mayor Mike is on crack."

April 2, 2008, NY Post:
"'Congestion' War with NJ Governor"
by Patrick Gallahue and Kenneth Lovett

PTF: "Mayor Mike's conge$tion tax plan is turning out to be more trouble than it's worth. Now, we'll have a lawsuit from NJ governor Corzine to look forward to."

April 2, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Colangelo: Mayor Touts Labor's Backing; Uniforms Still Want Congestion Pricing Parked"
by Lisa Colangelo

April 2, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Plan for New, More Frequent Transit Options Before Congest Plan Starts"
by Pete Donohue

April 2, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Kids' Health and IQ Could Improve with Congestion Pricing Plan"
by Jordan Lite, Daily News Staff Writer

April 2, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Editorials: The Big Green Light"

April 2, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Politicians Who Back Congestion Pricing Wonder: Is It Gutsy - Or Career-Ending"
by Bob Kappstatter, Kerry Burke and Kirsten Danis, Daily News Staff Writers

April 2, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Pork Handouts Offered to Pressure Council Members to OK Congestion Plan"
by Juan Gonzalez

April 2, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Some Council Members Drove to City Hall to Vote Against Congestion Pricing"
by Caitlin Millat and Frank Lombardi, Daily News Writers

Dec. 11, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Traffic Congestion Plan Could Hit 3rd Rail"
b Pete Donohue and Helen Kennedy, Daily News Staff Writers

April 2, 2008, WNYC New York Public Radio:
"Congestion Opposition Cries Foul"
Complete Article: REPORTER: Councilman Lewis Fidler, who led the opposition, claims the mayor promised a campaign fundraiser as an incentive for an undecided council person who dropped by Gracie Mansion before the vote.
FIDLER: While that member was there, the mayor suggested that he would do a fundraiser for that member. I think that for a mayor who is so holier than thou, talking about pay-for-play or whatever - that's hypocritical and inappropriate.
REPORTER: Fidler says he can't reveal the identity of the council person. The mayor has been a fierce critic of so-called "pay-to-play," but has also been quick to contribute to candidates who he felt support the city.
A spokesman for Bloomberg dismissed Fidler's charge as baseless and coming from "a sore loser."
No word yet from Albany on when congestion pricing will be voted on there.

April 1, 2008, WNYC New York Public Radio:
"NY Drivers Respond to Congestion Pricing Vote"
Complete Article: Drivers are reacting with skepticism following the City Council's approval of congestion pricing.
REPORTER: John Cameron, a field engineer who drives from Manhattan to various parts around the region every day, said the $8 fee would not do much to improve traffic jams.
CAMERON: I don't believe it's going to change drivers’ habits whatsoever. It might change a small percentage of the people, but it's not going to change enough to make a difference.
REPORTER: The City Council voted 30 to 20 last night in favor of the proposal. The state legislature must vote before Monday in order for the city to qualify for a $350 million federal grant.The bill's prospects in the assembly are uncertain.

April 1, 2008, NY Daily News:
"City Council OKs Traffic Congestion Plan"
by Adam Lisberg, Daily News City Hall Bureau

April 1, 2008, NY Post:
by Patrick Gallahue

Mar. 31, 2008, NY1 News:
"City Council Passes New Congestion Pricing Plan"

Mar. 30, 2008, WABC-TV:
"City Council to Vote on Congestion Pricing Monday"

Mar. 30, 2008, WCBS-TV:
"Anti-Congestion Pricing Rally Held In Chinatown"
by Cindy Hsu

Mar. 30, 2008, Staten Island Advance:
"Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Christine Quinn Pushing to Rally Support for the Initiative"
by Tom Wrobleski

PTF: "Right on brother! Says Mayor Mike: 'The revenue from the conge$t tax will all go to improving mass transit.' Don't be fooled. If you believe him, I've got a great bridge I want to sell you. And don't buy his line about the conge$t tax generating $500 million a year. It'll fall short. And they'll double it. $8 will be raised to $16 before you can say, 'congestion pricing' three times."

Mar. 30, 2008, WCBS-TV:
"Deadline Draws Near For NYC Congestion Pricing"
by Magee Hickey

Mar. 30, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Secretaries, Law Clerks Grab Gratis Spaces on Public Parkland, News Finds"
by Elizabeth Hays, Daily News Staff Writer

PTF: "Stop the madness! Stop the parking perks! I mean, I don't get one. I pay taxes. Where the heck is my parking perk? Where's my free parking spot? No where, that's where."

Mar. 28, 2008, WNYC New York Public Radio:
"Robocalls Blast Congestion Pricing"
Complete Article: New Yorkers around the city are getting anonymous robocalls urging them to convince their City Council people to vote against the congestion pricing plan. The call says the Metropolitan Transportation Authority can't be trusted to spend the money on mass transit.
TAPE: And as for promises that the funds will only go for improvements, the MTA admits that 67 percent will be spent on everything but new bus and subway lines. And they just canceled the improvements promised to get the March fare increase.”
REPORTER: The Mayor's office says the contention that the money won’t go to mass transit is false. A Bloomberg spokesman says the plan will garner $500 million a year for mass transit improvements. Councilmember Walter McCaffrey, who is leading the main opposition group, maintains his group didn't fund the calls.

Mar. 28, 2008, WNYC New York Public Radio:
"Traffic Fee Foes in Queens Take to the Street"
Complete Article: "Honk if you are against congestion pricing" — that was the message on signs a few Queens politicians and business leaders held aloft for motorists at the Queensboro Bridge this morning. Organizer and City Councilman Tony Avella says the location was chosen to make a point.
AVELLA: People don't drive as you see here, into Manhattan for the pleasure of it. They drive because they have to.
REPORTER: The council and state lawmakers have until April 7 to agree to a congestion pricing plan, or risk losing federal funding.

Mar. 28, 2008, NY Post:
"City Jumps the Gun on 'Congest' Jobs"
by Patrick Gallahue Transit Reporter

PTF: "What a huge waste of money. Well-paid jobs to help City Hall rip-off working class Americans."

Mar. 27, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Silver Turns a Key on Congestion Plan"
by Frank Lombardi and Joe Mahoney

PTF: "I'm starting to lose hope now. I still don't think Mayor Mike's conge$t tax scheme will happen. But I'm worried."

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