Sunday, April 29, 2007

The PTF Top Ten List of Nazi Judges

In the 21st century, in the United States of America, in the "City of the World." That is, of course, New York City. I didn't expect to find Nazi judges.

Not the real Nazi judges of WWII Nazi Germany. But modern 21st century Nazi judges.

To paraphrase the writer of "Judging the Judges" (Time, July, 1967), our modern Nazi judges give the NYC Dept. of Finance's acts of extortion their legal veneer. And, paraphrasing the same writer again, ordering the NYC DOF's Nazi judges to view the idea and purposes of the state leadership as primary, and the fate of human beings as secondary.

I grant you that the NYC DOF administrative law judges (i.e., Nazi judges) do not levy unjustifiable death sentences. But I felt a piece of my soul die when I was found guilty by one of the Nazi judges who execute the will of the NYC DOF.

That is why I've decided to expose these modern day Nazi judges. Partly out of revenge. But most importantly to try to honor all those brave men and women who fought the Nazis during WWII.

Because Nazism and Nazi judges didn't disappear forever from the face of the Earth with the world's victory over Nazi Germany. If a judge acts like a Nazi and sounds like a Nazi, then he or she is a Nazi judge. And they must be exposed and be stopped.

Please, learn more about Nazi judges of WWII Nazi Germany. Check out the links below.
Fri., July 14, 1967, Time Archive, "Judging the Judges"
The 1961 Academy Award winning movie Judgment at Nuremberg
The real post-WWII Judges' Trial (the basis for the movie Judgment at Nuremberg)

Currently, my "Top Ten List of Nazi Judges" has only three NYC DOF administrative law judges. Still a work in progress. I apologize for that.

If you would like to nominate a Nazi judge, preferably, one who deals with traffic, red light camera, or parking violations. Please, contact me. E-mail:

Nazi Judge # 1: Administrative Law Judge Code # 1232
This Nazi judge adjudicated my co-worker D's RLC (red light camera) defence, hearing-by-mail, not in-person. ALJ #1232 didn't find D's defence "persuasive" (a very popular word for these Nazi judges). So, he or she found D guilty.

I'm not surprised by that. RLC violations are very difficult to fight. I believe, only .02% of those who fight RLC tickets win.

So, why does this #$%& judge deserve to be my # 1 Nazi judge? Because this Nazi judge wasn't man enough or woman enough to sign or to print out his (or her) name on D's "Notice of Determination." Where there should be a legible signature is a small squiggle. Could be a capital "A"? Who knows?

I mean, this Nazi judge hides behind his (or her) ALJ code #. Shouldn't D, at least, know who his executioner, sorry, judge's name is.

ALJs are public servants. The public has the right to know who these ALJs are. No public servant should ever hide behind a number. No public servant should ever be nameless or faceless.

Am I living in the U.S.A.?

Nazi Judge # 2: ALJ John F. MacKay, Jr.
This Nazi judge found my co-worker D guilty of blocking a hidden pedestrian ramp. A $165 parking ticket. D's online defence was, not surprisingly, not "persuasive." Guilty as charged.

This pedestrian ramp was at the middle of the block. Providing access to disabled persons in wheelchairs. So, they could cross a "Blvd. of Death." Without a crosswalk or a STOP sign or a traffic light.

Turned out that Arnold Diaz in 2005 (when he was with CBS 2, now with Fox 5) did a story about hidden pedestrian ramps. The NYC Dept of Transportation had installed several hidden pedestrian ramps at mid-block at different locations. Generating $165 parking tickets and sometimes also towing away the offending vehicles, a total of $350 for the "guilty" offender.

I guess ALJ John F. MacKay, Jr. sincerely cares about the disabled. He's working hard to make sure that criminals like D don't block this pedestrian ramp that gives the disabled access to a "Blvd. of Death."

Check out D with Arnold Diaz in "Shame, Shame, Shame: Pedestrian Ramps."

Nazi Judge # 3: ALJ Mitchell H. Parnes
This SOB was the same ALJ I had for each of the three Mondays I've fought my 100% bogus parking tickets. He adjudicates at the NYC DOF Staten Island Business Center.

He found me guilty of not parking within the marked parking space in front of the entrance to the S.I. Ferry (on the S.I. side) and of the same violation in front of the 120 NYPD Precinct. $45 + $45 = $90.

At my in-person hearing, I argued, "Why would I illegally park my Honda Pilot in front of the entrance to the S.I. Ferry?" Anyone who is at all familiar with S.I. knows that you would have to be mentally incompetent to do so. Your vehicle would have been towed away.

My Honda Pilot was not towed away. It was parked inside Lot A of the Richmond County Bank Ballpark. Which is next to the S.I. Ferry.

It's a private parking lot. According to my interpretation of the NYC traffic regulations, private parking lots are exempt.

Unfortunately, this private parking lot is open access to persons on foot. Of course, you can't drive in without paying. But anyone can walk in. No one on staff there cares who walks in or drives out.

Then for the other ticket. I argued, "Why would I illegally park my Honda Pilot in front of a police precinct?" And, if I did, the cops would have towed it away. They don't care who I am.

Again, my Honda Pilot was parked inside Lot A of the Richmond County Bank Ballpark. When I allegedly was illegally parked in front of the 120 precinct.

He didn't care what I had to say. I was guilty even before I opened my mouth. All the other ticket fighters were guilty who had ALJ Parnes that Monday. Everyone was, is, will be guilty.

He found me guilty on both. So, I had to pay (you have to pay if you want to appeal). But I appealed to the NYC DOF Appeals Board. And they reversed both these tickets. And eventually the NYC DOF (Dept. of Fraud) charged my credit card back $90.

Even the Nazi judges on the NYC DOF Appeals Board agreed with me.

My definition of a Nazi judge is this SOB. You're guilty no matter what you have to say. Because that's what the state wants you to be. Guilty. Pay your balance off.

The SOB Nazi judges like to write down that your defence was not "persuasive." In other words, you need to show incontrovertible evidence that you were innocent.

The onus is on you to prove that you're not guilty. The NYC DOF and its Nazi judges work on the assumption that you're guilty until proven innocent.

I thought that in the U.S. of America a man or woman was innocent until proven guilty. I guess I'm either naïve or stupid. Or maybe both.

Nazi Judge # 4: N/A

Nazi Judge # 5: N/A

Nazi Judge #6: N/A

Nazi Judge # 7: N/A

Nazi Judge #8: N/A

Nazi Judge #9: N/A

Nazi Judge # 10: N/A

The End


minimullenoasis said...

Well put. I was just found guilty myself from Mitchell H Parnes. My evidence and argument were very persuasive and valid though this individual seems to disagree. I will appeal this and if I win, I will find Mitchell H Parnes, walk up to his pice of shit person, and rub it right in his face. What a loser!

Oofnig said...

I was "given" a ticket for expired registration. No ticket was left on my car, and I only received a letter stating I had not yet responded to said ticket (Red flag #1). I pled not-guilty online and submitted a copy of my VALID registration and a picture of the registration sticker in the window. The registration clearly shows that it was valid on the day of the "offense". The honorable and shameful Judge" Mitchell Parnes rejected my proof as "not persuasive". My valid NYS issued registration is not not persuasive enough to prove I have a valid registration?!? Furthermore the description of my car on the ticket is not accurate, but the great and wise judge deemed this to be "not a valid defense herein". TO my understanding a judge is required have some actual knowledge of the law? This man is a fraud and an embarrassment and should be disbarred. I will never pay this ticket, come get me.