Friday, April 20, 2007

4/20/07--Another PTF Record Update

First the bad news.

Today, DA's online hearing for his "double parking" ticket was completed. Not surprisingly, the NYC DOF found him "guilty." So, now he owes the NYC DOF (Dept. of Fraud) $115.

Of course, we're going to appeal it. But he has to pay it to appeal it. (That's not justice.)

Now, the good news.

This evening, I checked my credit cards online. And I was pleasantly surprised to see two $45 credits from the NYC DOF. Eleven days after receiving the letter from the NYC DOF Appeals Board. I was refunded for my two reversed parking tickets. Apparently, happened on 4/11/07.

I still say that the system does not work in NYC. Like in many cities in the USA and in other cities all over the rest of the world.

You have to be a fighter with an indomitable spirit. Alas, most people in NYC are not. 80% pay their parking tickets without fighting, 20% fight the system. Then, out of that 20%, few go to the next and final step, to the NYC DOF Appeals Board.

The hard-earned lesson I learned is that the system (sort of, somewhat) works if you go all the way and appeal each ticket. But, if you don't appeal, then the system does not work. The system works against you.

The way I see it. It's like anything else in life. It's a learning process. I made mistakes. But I learned from them and became a better fighter.

And I felt I accomplished more than saving some money. I fought back and won. I didn't win every battle. But I've become a more powerful person.

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