Monday, April 9, 2007

4/9/07--The PTF Record Updated

Another PTF battle record update. As of 4/9/07, lost 1, won 6, all 7 fought at in-person hearings.

Today, Mon., April 9, 2007, went back to the Staten Island Business Center for the 3rd time to fight two more of the exact same BS violations. Code 62, parked "beyond marked space."

Both tickets claim my Honda Pilot was parked illegally "in front of 1 Richmond Terrace." That's the entrance to the Staten Island Ferry, on the S.I. side. It's impossible to violate code 62 since there are no markings which indicate where you can park. The entrance to the S.I. Ferry is a "No Parking," "No Standing," "No Stopping" zone. Almost anyone who lives on S.I. would know this.

Anyway, I ended up with the same Nazi parking ticket judge, ALJ Parnes. He dismissed both tickets. He claimed both had illegible plate numbers written on the tickets. Which was true.

However, I think he dismissed both for illegibility because he didn't want to be forced to admit he had made an error in judgement when I was there the first time. The first time I was there he found me guilty of violating code 62 "in front of 1 Richmond Terrace." Which was impossible.

That first "1 Richmond Terrace" ticket I did appeal. And the NYC DOF Appeals Board reversed it. (As of 4/9/07, I still haven't received my refund. Damn it! Give me back my money. You thieves.)

Lesson learned: The due process for parking tickets in NYC "works" if you appeal after you're found guilty. If you do not appeal, then the whole system is 100% setup against you.

The PTF: "Can you say Nazi judge? Nazi Germany?"

See the classic 1961 movie Judgment at Nuremberg starring Spencer Tracy. The movie is about the trial of certain judges who executed Nazi law.

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