Monday, May 28, 2007

Staten Island Ferry Tix Blitz

6:25AM. Sat., May 26, 2007. Richmond County Bank Ballpark, St. George, Staten Island, NY.

Inside lot A of the Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George, three vehicles were ticketed by NYPD. One for a mutilated inspection sticker. The other two for improperly displayed front license plates. One vehicle for using a wire to attach the front plate. The other vehicle had the front plate hanging by one screw only.

Since these three vehicles were parked inside a private parking lot. And not a municipal lot or garage. These tickets are invalid. NYC traffic regulations do not include private parking lots and garages. Therefore, private parking lots and garages are excluded from the "Applicability of Rules" as stated in NYC's traffic rules.

The parking attendant on duty that morning claimed that police officers from, allegedly, the 120th precinct regularly enters the private lot to, allegedly, fill their quota. Since the lot is open access and the parking attendants are too intimidated by the police officers. The attendants do nothing to hinder the officers. The attendants work for Standard Parking, which manages the private parking lots for Richmond County Bank Ballpark.

St. George Ballpark
75 Richmond Terr., S.I., NY
Lic. # 1236246
Office: (718) 273-1072
Parking Lot Manager: Jay, (917) 251-6938

NYPD 120th Precinct
78 Richmond Terrace
St. George, NY 10301
Tel: (718) 876-8500
Community Affairs: (718) 876-8497

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