Monday, April 16, 2007

4/16/07--The PTF Record Update

Another PTF battle record update.

Another win for the Parking Ticket Fighter. So, now 8 fought total. 1 lost, 7 won.

This win was not one of my tickets but one of DA's, my co-worker who appeared on Fox 5 News with Arnold Diaz. Not his "hidden pedestrian ramp" ticket but his "expired meter" ticket.

About three months ago, I entered a defense via online hearning (or hearing-by-Web) for DA's "expired meter" ticket. I used the de minimis legal argument described in the book Beat That Parking Ticket by Haskell Nussbaum.

Really, I didn't think that defense would work. I was sure that he would be found guilty. He didn't have anything to explain why he let the meter expire.

All I was trying to do was to postpone his inevitable "guilty" sentence. And him having to pay the ticket within 30 days of his "guilty" verdict.

Last Wed., during the day, that "expired meter" ticket was in the NYC DOF system "Hearing Pending." Then when I looked for it online in the evening. It "Poof!" disappeared. Like magic.

The next day Thurs. I asked DA, "Did you pay it?" Because I had told DA not to pay any of the tickets until the NYC DOF found him "guilty" first. But DA said, "No."

The only logical conclusion would be that the NYC DOF bought my 100% BS defense for DA's "expired meter" ticket. I was pleasantly surprised. So was DA.

Again, that's a total of 8 fought by me. 1 lost, 7 won. Seven were all my tickets. One was DA's "expired meter" ticket.

With 4 more parking tickets pending.

Two tickets are mine. Both have yet to appear in the NYC DOF system. May show up within the next 2 to 3 weeks.

The other 2 are DA's.

One was his "hidden pedestrian ramp" ticket. Which the NYC DOF found him "guilty." Which he paid in full, $195. (You have to pay it to appeal it.) We are now appealing it. We're waiting for the NYC DOF Appeals Board to review our appeal.

And he has a "double parking" ticket. I put in a defense online about three months ago. We're waiting for that to be adjudicated. Currently, it is "Hearing Pending" in the NYC DOF system.

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