Saturday, March 31, 2007

The PTF Battle Record Update

After parking my Honda Pilot in the driveway, guess what was in my mailbox? A letter from the Appeals Unit of the NYC Dept. of Finance.

I had totally forgotten about the appeal I had mailed out on March 12, 2007. Which I received on March 31, 2007. I think, relatively, quick for the government of NYC.

Anyway, the Appeals Unit upheld ticket # 1127301196. But reversed the other two tickets, # 1120906982 & # 1120914980. So, I should eventually be refunded a total of $90 to the same credit card I had used to pay all three tickets. As of 3/31/07, I had not been refunded.

Here's a breakdown of all my tickets that were in the NYC Dept. of Finance's system and that I fought.

Total tickets fought: 5

Total amount if paid without disputing: $275

Total amount dismissed by the summons clerk: $55

Note: The summons clerk is the person you see, after you request to dispute your ticket(s), but before you see the parking ticket judge (i.e., an ALJ or Administrative Law Judge). The summons clerk checks for technical errors and dismisses tickets with technical erros. And offers to settle out of court (i.e., a reduced fine) with you for tickets he or she finds to be technically correctly.

Total tickets judged "not guilty": 1

ALJ Mitchell H. Parnes claimed that the registration expiration date for this one was illegible. Therefore, he dismissed it. Even though the summons clerk found no technical errors for this one. So, what's up with that? I'll explain in a later post.

Total tickets judged "guilty": 3

Total amount for "guilty" tickets: $155

Total tickets appealed: 3

Total tickets the Appeals Board upheld: 1

Total tickets the Appeals Board reversed: 2

Total amount of expected refund: $90

Lost: 1, won: 4

The one I lost on appeal I claim to be a mockery of the law. But, anyway, I am surprised how well I did. For someone who is not a lawyer. By the way, you don't have to be a lawyer. Although a knowledge of the law is a big plus, of course.

Unfortunately. There are two more parking tickets that have yet to show up in the NYC DOF's system. So, the fight, the battle, the war never ends. Stay tuned.

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