Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dirty Judge Can't Read Map

This past Sat., Feb. 2, 2008, in my mailbox, appeared the audio tape of my live hearing with ALJ Joan Giaccio on June 4, 2007, at the Staten Island Payment Center.

I didn't think I'd ever get it. I wrote a letter, mailed postcards, e-mailed, and I even talked to a real person at the NYC Dept. of Fraud (a.k.a. the NYC Dept. of Finance). Plus, I filed a complaint with the NYC Dept. of Investigation. I guess all my hard work eventually paid off.

The audio tape is definitely low quality. Lots of background noise. But I can make myself out and ALJ Giaccio from the tape. Better late and low quality than never and nothing. Next time I'll remember to record with my own equipment. (For sure.)

After some trial and error, I converted the audio tape into one MP3 file, 9.7MB. And put it on the Net. So, anyone can access it. Anyone who has broadband Internet access, of course.

If you don't have the time to listen to the whole hearing, I've summarized ALJ Giaccio's three main points. Her three "reasons" why I was quilty. (Where does Mayor Mike find these A-holes?)

This piece of human garbage tried to convince me that "1 Richmond Terrace" was the whole block. From "1 Richmond Terrace" to "75 Richmond Terrace." So, it didn't matter where exactly my Honda was parked. (What? Am I speaking English? Yo, judge, do you know how to read a map?)

According to former ALJ Haskell Nussbaum, author of Beat That Parking Ticket, the location indicated on the summons must be un-ambiguous. If the location is not clear, the summons must be dismissed.

This "thing" also argued that Google Maps are one year old. Therefore, their maps don't make for good evidence. The Google Maps of "1 Richmond Terrace" and "75 Richomnd Terrace" that I showed her. No good because they're too old. (Again, huh?)

Even if Google Maps are two or five years old. The entrance to the S.I. Ferry and that street, Richmond Terrace, have not physically changed. The Ferry Terminal has changed a lot. But I didn't park inside the Terminal.

To top it all off, ALJ Giaccio told me that the police officers are patrolling the parking lot to "fight crime." So, apparently, I'm a criminal. Because I parked illegally. Parking illegally is the first step to a life of violent crime. (It's a good thing I was caught early in my life of crime. Hopefully, I'll be able to turn my life around. Thank you ALJ Giaccio.)

It's only my opinion that the cops are really filling their ticket quotas. According to ALJ Giaccio, the cops are fighting crime. (How noble. What a load of #$%@ BS!)

To sum up, "1 Richmond Terrace" is the same as "75 Richmond Terrace." The entrance to the S.I. Ferry has moved several times. And I'm a criminal because I refuse to obey parking rules to the letter. (Thank you ALJ Giaccio for educating me. Go to hell! You piece of human trash.)

Below is the link to the MP3 of my live hearing:

The page that loads will allow you to either play the MP3 or download it.

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Anonymous said...

You don't understand the crooked system of the Mayor's soldiers.

Everybody go get a copy of:
Supreme Court of the State of NY County of NY: Part 17 Index # 111675/06 (Emily Jane Goodman, J.) Dated June 13th, 2007

This is Your Greatest Defense Ever Conceived!!!

I Will continue to beat every ticket in this screwed up system!!!

All you do is deny the charge and the burden of proof is shifted to the Dept of Finance, Ticket writer!! he don't show up and prove his charge, DISMISSED!!!!