Friday, February 8, 2008

Parking Tix in the News - Update

In reverse chronological order:

Feb. 7, 2008, NY Daily News:
"No Skirting Traffic Rules, Judge Tells Blind Patient's Husband"
by Matthew Lysiak, Daily News Staff Writer

PTF: "This judge (actually, an administrative law judge) has got to be on crack. I'm going to start an online petition to have this A-hole fired.

Petition Title: Fire Judge Irwin Strum
Please, sign the petition. Lets stop the madness!

Mayor Mike and his thugs need money so bad, they have to shakedown the sick and the elderly. Stories like this make me wonder. How, the heck, are we, as Americans, different from the Communist Chinese or Iranians or North Koreans? We don't expect there to be any justice in those countries. But don't we expect justice, common sense, compassion in the U.S.A?"

Jan., 10, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Meter Maid Writes 'Em A Cruel Ticket"
by Matthew Lysiak & Tracy Conner, Daily News Writers

PTF: "NYC traffic enforcement agents are the modern equivalents of the tax collectors of the Bible. I can't stand them. Too bad Jesus isn't here to save their souls. I'd put all of them on the express bus to Hell."

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