Thursday, January 24, 2008

Double Parking Urban Legends

Filed under NYC urban legends. Too many New York City drivers are totally ignorant of their own parking rules. Which helps the NYC Dept. of Fraud (a.k.a. Dept. of Finance) generate more than half a billion dollars every year.

Myth #1: Turning on hazard lights makes it OK to double park.

False. To quote the NYC Dept. of Transportation: "Double parking passenger vehicles is illegal at all times, including street cleaning days, regardless of location, purpose or duration."

Myth #2: Keeping the engine on makes it OK to double park.

Again, false. See Myth #1.

Myth #3: Having someone in the vehicle makes it OK to double park.

Again, false. See Myth #1.

Myth #4: Alternate street parking means double parking is OK.

Again, false. See Myth #1.

However, to correct the NYC DOT, according to Beat That Parking Ticket by Haskell Nussbaum. It is OK to double park if you are dropping off or picking up a passenger. As long as you do so expeditiously. Of course, what you think is expeditious and a traffic agent thinks is expeditious may differ.

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bryboy said...

January 9, double parked long enough, in front of my building to just put in computer briefcase, travel satchel and over coat in back of hatchback, took baggage trolley back into building. Left car for 10 seconds while pushing trolley into building for that short amt of time.

Came back and out and officer, seemingly with attitude, was ticketing car. I asked her to give me the tick instead of putting on the window, as she was standing there right in front of me, then her partner, the other officer asked me if I had any warrants, asked me for me ID and gave me another ticket for 240.20.1., verbal public annoyance.

I was never abusive was only said say, "This is just another way for the city to make money off of all of us citizens who struggle to keep living here" I am on fixed income and was driving out of state to see my mom who has a brain tumor. Maybe they think