Monday, January 22, 2007

The Ongoing Saga of Ticket # 112730119-6

To recap, parking ticket # 112730119-6 was the 1st of the 4 tickets written up while my Honda Pilot was parked in a private parking lot. Issued on 11/04/2006, for violating code 70. Allegedly, parked in front of XXXX, which is about one block away from where it actually was parked.

I was fined $65. Then penalized $10 for not responding within 30 days of 11/04/06. I would have responded within 30 days, if the ticket was under my wiper. However, no ticket was waiting for me that Sat. I didn't find out until after I got my 2nd and 3rd tickets, both on Sat., 11/11/06. That, to my surprise, I had been issued a ticket on the previous Sat., 11/04/06.

Now, jumping back to today, Mon., 1/22/2007. In the afternoon, I checked my mailbox. And guess what the #@%&!-ers toiling away at the New York City Department of Finance, Adjudication Division, were so very nice to offer me.

They offered to reduce my amount due from $75 to only $43. Wasn't that so very generous of them? A reduction of 43%, $32 off. And I didn't even ask for a reduction.

There is a small catch, of course. If I mail in the reduced amount due, then a Parking Violation Bureau judge will NOT review my case. In other words, implicitly, I'm admitting guilt.

The PTF: "Dear NYC Dept. of Finance: With all due respect, thanks but no thanks. You can take your #$%&! reduction and shove it up your #@&$! Sincerely yours, The Parking Ticket Fighter"

Why am I so angry? Shouldn't I be grateful? Hardly. I mean, they're trying to get me to settle out of court. In other words, it's really all about money. They need money now, ASAP. It's not about justice, guilt or innocence. All NYC gov. gives a $#%! about is my money.

Should I settle? I'd have to be a complete idiot to settle out of court. Because the 2nd of my 4 tickets was for the same code violation, which was dismissed already. A $65 fine reduced to $0. So, I think, I'll take my chances with the PVB judge, again. If the judge rules against me, I'll appeal and ask for deferment of payment.

The PTF: "I go all the way, baby. That's how I roll."

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