Sunday, January 21, 2007

Common Misconception #1

There's no rhyme or reason to the order I've numbered these misconceptions. At least, as far as I can figure.

So, here's common misconception #1.

Average Mindless Brainwashed Drone: "Don't you have to go to court to fight your ticket? I don't have the time. It's just easier for me to pay it."

The Parking Ticket Figher: "No, fool! It's the 21st century. You live in the city of the world, New York City. If you get a parking ticket here, you can dispute your ticket or tickets by web, by snail mail, or in person at a live hearing."

Of course, which method you choose to dispute your ticket depends on the code you violated and the defense you've crafted. But I'd say that most of the time dispute your ticket or tickets by web or by snail mail.

By mail, if your defense has to be backed up with photocopied documentation and/or photos.

As a side note, concerning photos, do NOT only send in one photo. Take photos of the street, corner to corner. You want the judge to see the whole street. Leave his or her honor without any doubt.

You wouldn't know this. I don't blame you. The Parking Violations Bureau's judges expect you to know this. How you'd know this if you've never fought a parking ticket before is a mystery to me.

If your defense requires a witness or can be strengthened by your persuasive account of what happened that day or night, then ask for a live hearing in court.

I learned all this from Beat That Parking Ticket by ex-PVB judge Haskell Nussbaum. I paid $5.99 to download the e-book version from his website (the link is on the left side of this web page). The most practical knowledge I've ever gotten from a book for only six dollars.

"It's not about losing or winning. It's all about the fight. Losers hate to fight. Winners love to fight."
--The Parking Ticket Fighter

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