Friday, April 4, 2008

Conge$t Tax in the News - Update

In no specific order, whatever seems to make sense to me.

April 5, 2008, NY Daily News:
"Changes May Be Needed for Traffic Plan"
by Adam Lisberg, Daily News City Hall Bureau

April 5, 2008, WCBS-TV:
"Albany Democrats Oppose Congestion Pricing"

April 4, 2008, NY1 News:
"Clock Ticks On Congestion Pricing"

PTF: "Die conge$t tax! Die, die a horrible death. Conge$t tax plan, be no more."

April 3, 2008, NY1 News:
"Last-Minute Deal Could Revive Congestion Pricing Before Deadline"

April 3, 2008, NY1 News:
"State Assembly Debates Congestion Pricing"

April 3, 2008, NY1 News:
"S.I. Commuters Concerned About Congestion Pricing"

PTF: "I drive on Staten Island. Commute to Manhattan on mass transit. On Sun., drive to church in Queens. I'll only drive into Manhattan when I only must have to. However, I'm concerned about Mayor Mike's conge$t tax plan. Because it'll adversely effect all NYC-residents. Even those who don't ever have to drive into Manhattan. And, if you don't think it'll effect you, then you must be on crack like Mike."

April 2, 2008, NY1 News:
"Fate Of Congestion Pricing Still Hangs In The Balance"

April 2, 2008, NY1 News:
"All Eyes On Silver Who Holds Key To Congestion Pricing"
by Rita Nissan

April 1, 2008, NY1 News:
"Congestion Pricing Plan Heads To Albany"

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