Monday, April 14, 2008

Bogus Parking Ticket Vanishes Mysteriously

An update of my previous post, "Bogus Parking Ticket: Coincidence or Reprisal?" Published on Tue., April 8, 2008.

To recap, about March 17, 2008, started a war of words with the NYC Dept. of Fraud (a.k.a. the Dept. of Finance), trying to help three victims of bogus parking tickets.

Fri., April 4, 2008. After a routine online check for bogus parking tickets issued to my NY plate # DUP1713. I found a bogus summons issued to my plate #, in Brooklyn, on Mon., March 24, 2008.

Summons #: 1155516485
Issued on: Mon., March 24, 2008; 03:08, am or pm?
Location: At the intersection of W/S Liberty Brooklyn
Code Violation: 21, no parking-street cleaning
Fine: $45
Vehicle Description: 2003 Lexus sedan, color: empty

But my NYS vehicle registration states DUP1713 is a 2006 Honda Pilot, suburban, blue. I wish my NY plate # DUP1713 was a Lexus. I'd be happy with even a 2003 Lexus. Although the Honda Pilot is a good choice.

Mon., April 7, 2008. Filed a hearing-by-Web defense. And e-mailed the NYC DOF.
"What's up fools? What's with the bogus tix? You're all a bunch thieves. Is this payback? Go to hell! A-holes. I don't back down. Long live the fighters! " No, I didn't say that.

Sat., April 12, 2008. After an online check of my hearing status, the NYC DOF's system tells me: "No unpaid parking violations were found for the plate number you have entered. ... " The Dept. of Fraud dismissed my bogus parking ticket ASAP. But without any explanation whatsoever.

Of course, I had printed out a copy of the handwritten summons and the tix details page. For my own records. Just in case the Dept. of Fraud decided to "lose" the evidence. Dismiss the fake tix like it never existed. "What tix? We don't know nothing about no stinking tix."

I want answers. Who issued the ticket? Was it an incredible coincidence? Or was it retaliation? Given all the missing information on the ticket, why was it entered into the NYC DOF's system?

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