Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bogus Parking Ticket: Coincidence or Reprisal?

Since about March 17, 2008, I've been fighting a war of words with the NYC Dept. of Fraud (a.k.a. the NYC Dept. of Finance). Helping three victims of bogus parking tickets all issued in Queens by the infamous T-405 command.

After they were found guilty, I demanded copies of the their hearing records. I gave the NYC DOF ample time to provide them to me. Result: Empty mailbox. I just kept getting the old run-around. Then I filed two complaints against the NYC DOF with the NYC Dept. of Investigation. For violating the NYS Freedom of Information Law.

Mayor Mike and Slush Fund Queen Quinn claims we have a more transparent and open city government. Yeah, right, we do. I think both are on crack.

Last Fri., April 4, 2008, while doing a routine check for parking tickets issued to my Honda Pilot (NY plate # DUP1713), I found an obviously bogus ticket issued to my Honda.

After having been issued a bogus ticket in Dec. 2006 that I only learned about when I got the late notice with a $10 late penalty. I do at least a once a week check online for bogus tickets issued to my NY plate # DUP1713. The school of hard knocks taught me to practice defensive parking ticket fighting.

The fake summons was issued on March 24, 2008, in Brooklyn. For allegedly violating code 21 ( no parking-street cleaning), I was fined $45. The vehicle described on the summons was a 2003 Lexus sedan. I wish. The reality, according to my NYS vehicle reg., is that my "2003 Lexus sedan" is a 2006 Honda Pilot suburban. Maybe in the future, I'll drive a Lexus.

My first thought was that this is an incredible coincidence. But maybe this is retaliation? A message from the NYC Dept. of Fraud to back off. To stop my independent investigation of their "official misconduct."

If it is a reprisal, then it didn't work. Because I'm a fighter. Long live the fighters!

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