Friday, January 18, 2008

Parking Tix in the News - Update

In reverse chronological order:

Jan. 16, 2008, NY1 News:
"Public Sounds Off on Congestion Pricing Plans"

PTF: "Instead of this Rube-Goldberg-esque system of cameras that will encircle Manhattan. Why not just have the NYPD randomly stop drivers and, at gun point, take all their cash? And Mayor Mike and City Hall will be able to keep more in revenue without the huge expense of cameras everywhere. In either case, essentially the same."

June 28, 2005, NY Times:
"What Parking Ticket Quota? Police Prefer to Call It an 'Expectation'"
by Mike McIntire

PTF: "FYI: Section 215-a of the Labor Laws of New York State prohibits ticket quotas. Therefore, ticket quotas are illegal. Right? So, traffic agents and police officers don't have quotas to fill every month. Right? There aren't any ticket quotas. And I never curse when I drive. Like you."

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