Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sweet Victory!

As of Dec. 4, 2007, the Parking Ticket Fighter (a.k.a. PTF) has scored 10 wins and 1 loss. Total saved $520. His own tickets that were issued to his Honda Pilot.

On Thurs., Dec. 6, 2007. I received a letter from the NYC Dept. of Finance (a.k.a. Dept. of Fraud), dated Dec. 4, 2007. Not admitting any wrong-doing, of course. Senior ALJ Dianne Pine dismissed two parking tickets. Both of which I had fought at a live hearing (on June 4, 2007) on Staten Island and had been found guilty on both by ALJ Joan Giaccio. Then I had appealed both, but the Appeals Board had upheld both.

According to the letter, senior ALJ Pine read a map (i.e., an "address check") and determined that both tickets should be dismissed. She agreed with me that "1 Richmond Terrace" and "75 Richmond Terrace" are not the same. (Rocket science. Isn't it?)

Which makes me wonder as to why neither of the first three idiot judges could not read a map. Two maps I had printed out from the Google Maps website. One of "1 Richmond Terrace" and another of "75 Richmond Terrace."

How the heck can you be a parking ticket judge and not be able to read a map? Were the first three ALJs
non compos mentis (not of sound mind)? Or just doing what they were told to do. Find defendants guilty any which way possible (either by hook or crook).

However, it was even sweeter when I saw that the NYC Dept. of Fraud had refunded both tickets to my credit card. $110.00. (Yo, where's my interest? Damn thieves.) This Mon., Dec. 17, 2007, I saw that it had posted on Wed., Dec. 12, 2007. So, they refunded me in about 5 or 6 business days. Which is sadly, probably, the fastest they could possibly push it through their system.

So, of my own eleven parking tickets that I fought this year. Ten were dismissed, saving me a total of $520. My 11th ticket I'm saving for last. It requires a more complex legal defense. I am 100% committed to getting all my money back. Every hard-earned penny.

PTF: "I guarantee you, amigo."

FYI: If you have a "problem" with the NYC Dept. of Fraud
(a.k.a. the NYC Dept. of Finance), mention Fox 5 News reporter John Deutzman.

Fox 5 News Reporter John Deutzman
Blog: http://community.myfoxny.com/blogs/John_Deutzman

After I had e-mailed Mr. Deutzman, he called me. And we talked shop. I told him that it was most likely me mentioning his name that put the fire under the ass of the NYC Dept. of Fraud. He told me that they hate him. Which worked in my favor.

PTF: "Thank you, John Deutzman. I want them to hate me too."

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Teresaw said...

Mr.Hunt was very lucky with ALJ Dianne Pine. I wish i could say the same about my husband, who suffered a massive heart attack because ALJ Pine made him very upset by lying under oath in front of her colleague another ALJ at the Taxi and Limo Commission. As all know by now, it is a lye that they tape the proceedings, so ALJ Pine couldn't remember why my husband appealed a ticket in front of her. So she came up with the story that my husband try to bribe her with a $20 bill, when my husband wasn't carrying any cash on him! We hire a lawyer and we ask for a transcript of the proceedings before ALJ Pine under the freedom of information act. I want everybody to know that some of the people working at legal matters in Parking Violations didn't even know what freedom of information means! At the end lawyers for NYC Finance Parking Violation Unit, decided to stop all the accusations, swipe everything under the rug, but made my husband sign a promisse that he would not mention ever again what happened!!!!! SHAME ON ALL OF THEM AT THE DEPARTMENT OF "FRAUD"!!!!THEY SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED!!!!