Monday, December 31, 2007

Stop the Con Game! Mayor Mike.

The Parking Ticket Fighter: "Mayor Mike and the NYC DOF, stop your 'Hidden Pedestrian Ramp' con game! No one in NYC is stupid enough to believe it isn't just another one of your con games to shakedown innocent drivers."

Mayor Mike's "Hidden Pedestrian Ramp" Con Game Exposed

July 2005 — Arnold Diaz, CBS 2 News, exposed hidden pedestrian ramp ticket traps in his segment "Shame On You: Curb Ramp Ticket Traps?" And inducted City Hall into the CBS 2 News Hall of Shame.

March 2007 — Arnold Diaz, Fox 5 News, exposed the same ticket trap in his segment "Shame, Shame, Shame: Pedestrian Ramps." And inducted City Hall into the Fox 5 News Hall of Shame.

Dec. 2007 — The Parking Ticket Fighter ( The NYC DOF continues to play the same "Hidden Pedestrian Ramp" con game. Queens resident Barry W. parked his car for 2 days this Christmas week. And, for Christmas, received two tickets for parking in front of a (hidden) pedestrian ramp. $165 X 2 = $330. Another victim of the NYC DOF's "Hidden Pedestrian Ramp" con game.

The Parking Ticket Fighter has declared war on Mayor Mike and the NYC DOF. He has begun a grassroots campaign to finally end the NYC DOF's "Hidden Pedestrian Ramp" con game.

"Stop the Con Game!" Campaign
The Parking Ticket Fighter
(646) 387-8575


Elizabeth said...

hun, my name is clara E mojica eddie friend.

my email address is what personal information do you need?

god bless and thank you.

rjhollandandco said...

All tickets issued by individuals working as so called parking attendants SHOULD BE CANCELLED who turn out to be without work permits,passports,id, or happen to be illegal immigrants, overstayers, benefit cheats.

A campaign or test case should be pursued to get all tickets ever issued by such individuals cancelled. Any council employing such people directly or indirectly through the smokescreen of subcontractors (on the street or in the admin offices)like APCOA, NCPnetc etc should be punished by having all tickets issued in a period totaslly cancelled.

Morky said...

There was a change to the NYC Traffic Rules, in effect as of December 26, 2008.

Larry's blog:

Key text from blog entry:
"Reason for change

There was a conflict in the Traffic Rule contained in Section 4-01(b) defining "crosswalk," and the Traffic Rule contained in Section 4-08(f)(7), which makes blocking a pedestrian ramp illegal. This inconsistency came to light during a City Council hearing about the NYC police department issuing summons for parking vehicles in front of pedestrian ramps located in the middle of blocks.

The validity of the summons were questioned because of a 2005 change in the Traffic Rules, redefining "crosswalks." The Rule change was intended to discourage the use of pedestrian ramps unless they were situated at a "safe" crosswalk, and not in the middle of a block where there were no traffic signs or signals controlling oncoming traffic.


The driving public may park alongside a pedestrian ramp, located on the long street of a "T" intersection, when:

* There is no marked crosswalk leading from the pedestrian ramp to the opposite side of the street
* There is no traffic sign or signal controlling all opposing traffic "