Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Tix Surprise

2:30pm. Memorial Day, May 28, 2007. In front of Toys "R" Us, 2795 Richmond Ave. Near the Staten Island Mall.

A woman in her sedan was reading her parking ticket. She had parked in the shopping parking lot. In front of Toys "R" Us. She had went to Best Buy to check out flat screen TVs. Bought a CD. But, when she came back to her sedan, she found a parking ticket waiting for her.

The tix was for an expired inspection sticker. Seven months past, last inspected in 2006. She had no real defense. She thought the inspection sticker was good until 2008. She thought the 2006 on the sticker said 2008.

I advised her to either go online, or by mail, file a defense. "You're an American citizen. You have a right to a hearing. It's written in the U.S. Constitution."

I told her that very likely one of NYC Dept. of Finance's Nazi judges would find her guilty. But, at least, she'll be able to legally push back having to pay it. For about three or four months.

And, usually, the NYC DOF will offer her a reduction. I believe, for a $65 tix, they'll offer to settle out of court for $45. A $20 reduction is not a bad deal.

This is anecdotal evidence to support my claim that more pressure is being put on the police officers posted on Staten Island to fill their quotas. But, instead of en masse, like ninjas.

I've lived near the Staten Island Mall for 22 years. And I've never seen a police officer or a traffic agent write up a ticket inside one of the shopping lots. I've been told it does happen. Even tow aways.

You don't see it. So, you get in the habit of believing it doesn't happen in your neighborhood. Until it happens to you. Of course. Like this lady.

Thank you 122nd precinct!

NYPD 122nd Precinct
2320 Hylan Blvd.
New Dorp, New York. 10306
Tel: (718) 667-2211

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Zach said...

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