Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Tale of Two Tickets, Part II

Sadly, now "A Tale of Three Tickets, Part II"

DA got another ticket, his third parking ticket, an expired meter ticket.

Now, an update on DA's "hidden pedestrian ramp ticket" segment with Arnold Diaz.

According to an e-mail from AD. DA's hidden ramp story will air on Fox 5 News, Ch. 5, 10PM edition, on Tues., March 13, 2007. Another "Shame Shame Shame" segment with AD.

Hopefully, someone from my day job will be able to tape it for me. I've asked everyone I know from my day job who has cable TV or DirecTV to make a copy for me. I'm poor. I only have free TV at my home.

Also, about four weeks ago, I filled out an online defense for DA's hidden pedestrian ramp ticket. Not surprisingly, some incompetent parking ticket judge quickly found him guilty.

These parking ticket judges don't seem to know how to use Google Maps ( or know how to read a map. Or even have any maps on hand.

Of course, you, the defendant have to do all the work. Take dozens of photos. Photocopy maps. Draw a diagram. And send in a DVD with a DVD-player, of course.

The PTF: "Yo, judge. Learn how to read a $#%&@ map!"

To be continued in "A Tale of Three Tickets, Part III"

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