Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Prediction Almost Comes True

May 23, 2009, NY1 News:
"Bronx Man Arrested For Hit-And-Run Of Traffic Enforcement Agent"
by NY1 News

May 23, 2009, NY Post:
by Philip Messing and Larry Celona

May 25, 2009, NY Post:
by Matthew Nestel

My prediction almost came true this Fri., May 22, 2009, in the Bronx. A driver ran to his double-parked auto. Where a female NYPD traffic agent appeared to issue him a summons.

Either by accident or on purpose, he ran over her. Breaking both of her legs.

As reported by NY1 News, the traffic agent was taken to a hospital and is recovering.

The driver is under arrest.

Since the end of last year, 2008, I have been telling people that at least one NYPD traffic agent will be murdered by an enraged driver this year, 2009.

Because all the ingredients are already in the pot. Massive unemployment, massive home foreclosures, just recently the signs of hyper-inflation, and intense pressure on traffic agents to hit their ticket quotas.

It all adds up to a huge powder keg ready to explode at any time.

A car is a very deadly weapon when the driver is griped by temporary insanity.

If you have ever found one of those $%#! nasty orange envelopes under your windshield wiper, you know what I'm talking about. You want to lash out with your words and your fists and feet. However, your better judgment normally prevents you from acting like a crazy person.

Sad to say, not everyone has their better judgment turned on all the time. To quote Gerald Celente, "When people lose everything, they just lose it."

As far as I'm concerned, Mayor Mike already has blood on his hands. Using parking tickets as a cash cow is morally and legally wrong. And knowingly putting men and women in harms way to make a buck is completely despicable.

I'd rather deal with a Somali pirate than with Mayor Mike and his parking Nazis.

May the Lord Almighty have mercy on Mayor Mike's soul.

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