Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Parking Tix Judge Can't Answer Sign Question

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This morning I had a live hearing with NYC Dept. of Finance ALJ (administrative law judge) Kevin G. O'Keeffe. At the S.I. Business Center at 350 St. Marks Place, Staten Island, NY 10301. I was there to fight a bogus "No Standing" ticket for my friend Eddie.

Eddie was slapped with a "No Standing" ticket at 10:03am on Wed., Feb. 18, 2009, according to the summons. Eddie claimed the parking sign was confusing. He took photos, and I reviewed them.

After my review, I had to agree with Eddie. This "No Standing" sign is a blatant ticket trap. Please, check out the sign below.

The top of the sign says: NO STANDING 11PM-6AM. But the bottom of the sign says: NO STANDING 10PM-MIDNIGHT.

Even a person with half a brain would agree this sign was designed to create confusion. The top and the bottom parts do not agree on the start time for the NO STANDING zone.

Why don't both the top and the bottom both begin with NO STANDING 10PM-? Because that would mean less cars ticketed and towed. Less revenue for Mayor Mike and his parking Nazis.

Who does the top part apply for? Where does the NO STANDING 11PM-6AM apply? Judge, can you, please, explain to me who for and where the top part applies?

These were the questions I asked ALJ Kevin G. O'Keeffe.

Please, listen to my live hearing at

ALJ O'Keeffe claimed that he clearly explained the sign to me. But I'm still confused. I still don't know what his answer was to my simple question. For who and where does the NO STANDING 11PM-6AM apply?

Can you understand his answer?

Lastly, ALJ O'Keeffe said he saw 3 signs not 1 sign. He couldn't understand why I was confused by the NO STANDING 11PM-6AM sign. According to him, why can't I see the NO STANDING 10PM-MIDNIGHT sign. And forget about the other sign.

Take common sense and logic. Throw out window. Now you too can be a NYC parking ticket judge.

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CorruptLawEnforcement said...

Kevin G. O'Keeffe is an a-hole judge. I've had a ticket where traffic cop blatantly lied about me not sitting in the car on no standing, after I made a drop off, but the a-hole of a judge sided with the liar cop's claim. Going forward, I will snap pictures of cops in action - law enforcement can't be trusted to do their jobs and neither can judges who's sole incentive is to extract money from hard working people, like the mafia.