Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Parking Tix in the News

Aug. 31, 2008, WCBS-TV:
"NYPD Arrests Suspected Parking Meter Thief"
by Dave Carlin, CBS 2 News reporter

PTF: "This guy, Maurice Mizrahi, is my new hero. He did want I've always wanted to do. That is, destroy some of those armless bandits. Yes, he did it to steal money from the meters. But the result was free parking spaces for the everyman. Thank you, Maurice."

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Mentor Matt said...

That's great, destroy parking meters and provide free parking! Any ideas what you could do in this obviously hideous staging of "space looking like a parking space" at a beautiful national beach? There's no parking meters there, yet they are able to write 10 tickets or more in an afternoon! AnnoyingParkingTicket.blogspot.com